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One large SDO conservatively estimates that they inadvertently give away more than $1 million of their own intellectual property each year.

Why is that?

Many SDOs have limited resources to train their employees about the use and distribution of their copyrighted materials. Until now, there were no relevant courses about Standards and the protection of this valuable intellectual property. IP Shield solves that problem with our comprehensive course, Copyright Aware™.

Copyright Aware was written for both developers and users of copyrighted materials in the workplace. The course is web-based and easy to use. It takes approximately one hour to complete, and provides a quiz and grade at the end. Once completed, users are ‘certified,’ and can repeat the course as many times as they want throughout their career with your organization.

Now you can train all of your employees easily and effectively. There is no software or hardware to buy or install. Enterprise licenses are available. Click here to request a sample copy and get started today!

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