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Are your graduates prepared to compete in the global marketplace?

There are over 600,000 standards in use worldwide. Standards are embedded in virtually all engineering and technology practices. Yet few colleges or universities cover practitioner standards beyond the minimum and vaguely-referenced ABET criteria, if at all. This gap represents a real disconnect between what employers desire in terms of employee knowledge of standards and standardization, and the preparation that future employees (engineering students) receive. Graduates who enter the workforce unfamiliar with Standards and their practical application in the workplace put a burden on their employers, many of whom are already strapped for resources in this economy. It also limits the graduate’s ability to compete in a global marketplace.

Standards Literacy 101 – Standards Aware™ Series

Developed in conjunction with Purdue University, several world class Standards Development Organizations, and funded by grants, our program is designed to transform undergraduate STEM education in engineering. We are currently testing the program in colleges and universities across the U.S., and we invite you to join this exciting program. To sign up to participate in this program, click here.

Standards Aware Series Included in NIST Grant Awards

SES- the Society for Standards Professionals has recently been awarded two grants from the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST) under a special NIST Education Challenge Grant program. The purpose of the NIST grants is to support the integration of standards education into the undergraduate or graduate course curriculum in a meaningful way. The first NIST grant funds a pilot project to introduce Standards Aware series and related case studies into the STEM curriculum at Purdue University. Under the second NIST grant, a new course will be developed in the Standards Aware series which illustrates how the various STEM disciplines use standards. Practical examples of standards use in a variety of real-world applications will be featured in this course. To sign up to participate in this program, click here.