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Intellectual Property Shield was founded by three private partners in August 2005. The Company is incorporated in Illinois, with offices in Bensenville and Chicago Illinois.

After spending decades working with companies which create and consume intellectual property, our founders agreed that misuse of copyrighted materials – especially Standards was rampant throughout enterprises and their supply chains. The misuse of these documents causes the stakeholders of this valuable content (mostly SDOs) to increase prices to re-capture the lost revenues resulting from such infractions as incorrect copying and distribution practices.

We observed that the main reason misuse is so common was due to lack of knowledge, not malicious intent. The typical purchasing transaction for Standards usually involves few or sometimes one person in the enterprise. Ergo, the content provider may only “educate” the person or group signing the contract.

When it became apparent that so few people know the rules that govern the use of intellectual property, as opposed to the many people who use the information, we designed a web-based tutorial that would “certify” end users, would not take a lot of time to complete, and would be sold at a fair price. The result was an E-Learning course called Copyright Aware™

With the release of Copyright Aware, we quickly heard from the Standards community that there was a pressing need for another type of education: Courses that would provide a “Standards 101” background. Through our participation with SES, and our work with some of the world’s largest SDO’s, we were urged to fill this under-served need in the marketplace, and we developed and released the Standards Aware™ series.

Today, our Copyright Aware and Standards Aware courses are being taken by thousands of users from industry and SDOs around the world, and they are also being offered at the college level to fill the need for comprehensive standards education of graduating engineers.

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