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Clients, partners and content providers give IP-Shield and Copyright Aware™ rave reviews:

“This course should be mandatory for all field employees, inside sales and service, and all new hires!”
(Customer Support Manager for an international content aggregator)

“I think the course is extremely well constructed. What was interesting to me was that even at my level (having had overviews of the copyright laws in Torts, Criminal law, Contracts and Property law) I still missed some of the correct answers. Even legal professionals can potentially render incorrect counsel.”
((Michael Foroozandeh, Consultant, MBA and JD)

“The interface was easy to navigate and understand. The mixture of types of questions during the test was good. Very nice!”
((International Standards Development Organization)

Given the implications and ramifications of common employee practices that constitute infringement and give rise to law suits against companies, both private practice attorneys and corporate counsel, as well as the employees themselves, will benefit from this fresh presentation of how to protect one’s own copyrights, and avoid infringement actions. For IP and copyright experts, there is a pre-test feature that allows them to test out and become certified without taking the full course.”
((Brian Rosenblatt, attorney, O’Hagan, Smith & Amundsen, L.L.C.)